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Client Results with Genesis
Representative Genesis Clients

Genesis Global clients align their regional and global organizations with the help and support of Genesis

Over the past fifteen years, Genesis has been assisting multinational companies in aligning their regional and global organizations for superior performance utilizing the tools and methods of the Genesis Comprehensive Organizational Transformation, coupled with other Genesis services including: Merger Integration, Strategic Conferences, Leadership Coaching, Strategy Development and Implementation, Teambuilding, Leadership Development Programs and Implementation Workshops, including Workout!, FAR and Six Sigma.
  • Unilever
    • Latin America Region - Foods and Home and Personal Care (HPC)
    • Foods Europe Region
    • Diversey Lever
    • Home and Personal Care Europe Region
    • Ice Cream Europe Region
    • North Africa and Middle East Region
    • Africa Region
    • Nordic Region
    • Home and Personal Care Global Marketing Categories
    • Foods Global Marketing Categories
    • Global Home and Personal Care Supply Chain and Supplier Management
    • Global Home and Personal Care Research and Development

  • Novartis
    • Animal Health Globally
    • OTC Globally
    • Pharma, Latin America
    • Pharma, Europe
    • Global Functions
    • Sandoz
    • Opthalmics

  • General Electric
    • European Plastics
    • European Finance

International companies transform their cultures, strategies, processes and organization with the help and support of Genesis
  • Alpro, Belgium
    • A multi-year, comprehensive transformation process, including in-depth cross-functional team-building with a focus on behavioral feedback
    • Dramatic improvements in results in this soybean products business with operations and markets principally in Europe.

  • Altia Corporation, Finland
    • A comprehensive organizational transformation process supporting the merger of Altia with the Scandinavia Beverage Group of Norway

  • Essent, The Netherlands
    • A multi-year Executive Development program with a focus on organizational, team and individual dynamics.
    • The program is supporting the ongoing organizational integration of this national energy company, who also has a presence in Germany and Belgium

  • Joy Mining Machinery, USA
    • A series of implementation workshops over years, modeled on GE's Workout! Process, aimed at strengthening the performance culture of the this underground mining systems and services global business

  • Mondi Packaging, Austria
    • A series of Six-Sigma projects resulting in significant gains in productivity and quality with this packaging company with principal operations across Europe coupled with a growing global presence.

  • New Zealand Milk, New Zealand
    • A series of strategic workshops with senior management resulting in establishing the vision and integration agenda of this global dairy company

  • Prionics, Switzerland
    • A multi-year, comprehensive transformation process which has facilitated the rapid growth of this young, entrepreneurial, global bio-technology company which focuses on veterinary diagnostic products for the global market.

Additional clients with whom Genesis has worked:
  • Ford and Volvo Car Corporation
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • SKF
  • Boston Scientific
  • Varco
  • Kemin
  • Swatch
  • Outokumpu
  • Honeywell
  • Parker Lucifer
  • Kerry Bioscience
  • Tecan
  • And others...
Not for profit organizations devoted to sustainable development build their organizations and networks with the help and support of Genesis
  • The Northern Forest Center, NH, USA, a catalyst for developing a vision, policy recommendations and programs for conservation based community and economic development across the Northern Forest region including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and the Adirondacks region of New York.
    • A series of regional, multi-stakeholder conferences
    • A strategy development process, with multi-stakeholder input, resulting in the transformation of the Northern Forest Center to play a greater regional leadership role in policy and program development
    • A policy development process, with multi-stakeholder input, aimed at assuring appropriations monies for the region from the Federal Government, while developing new legislation to assure increased resources for the region over time.

  • The Hubbard Brook Research Foundation, NH, USA, an organization which supports the Hubbard Brook eco-system scientists who have been carrying on fifty years of significant research in the Hubbard Brook watershed. The Foundation also helps communicate eco-system scientific results to the public and policy makers.
    • A strategy development process, with multi-stakeholder input, aimed at strengthening the sustainability of the HBRF and the eco-system science programs and scientists which it supports.

  • The J.W. and Harriet Fulbright Center, Washington D.C., USA, a new organization which is carrying on the legacy of the late Senator in the areas of international peace and understanding.
    • Ongoing consultation in designing and building the organization, including program development.

  • The Earth Centre, Yorkshire, UK, a theme park devoted to educating the public on sustainable development
    • Consulted on the organization design during the development phase of the Earth Centre

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